Calling all bibliophiles who were raised on Reading Rainbow

CMI + Reading Rainbow - Retro Bookish Glory Rainbow v4.031

PBS’s award-winning show is back! Hosted by LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow is now being delivered through a beautiful, feature-rich app that helps children celebrate and explore books and videos using a tablet or computer.
Check it out here.

Do these three qualities describe you?

1.The Reading Rainbow theme song still makes you giddy.
2. You wish LeVar Burton would run for president (of the Universe).
3. Despite your age, you have a deep and lingering ambition to be the book reviewer at the end of the show.

CMI + Reading Rainbow - Screen Grabs v3.042

If so, then you’re one of the millions of bibliophiles who grew up watching Reading Rainbow, and we have an opportunity that might interest you:

CMI + Reading Rainbow - Prompt v3.032

Leave a story about a book you love on Ishmael’s answering machine. You can even send an accompanying picture, if you like.

Reading Rainbow and the Call Me Ishmael team will listen to each message. We’ll turn the most compelling responses into one of these:

We’ll share your story with readers around the world.

Thanks for sharing.

Would you like to participate?

1. Call 774.325.0503 and share a story about a book that you might have talked about at the end of a Reading Rainbow episode.
2. Make sure to mention Reading Rainbow somewhere in the message so we know you’re responding to this prompt (and not these prompts).
3. Optional: Use this form to send us a picture of yourself as a young bibliophile. Extra points for photos taken between 1983-2009. The more retro, the better!