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Ahoy stranger!

Readers around the world are handing out Call Me Ishmael “Calling Cards” to help me build a collection of stories about the books people love. Each card is given out for a very specific reason. In your case, that reason is that someone thinks that you have a great taste in books, and believes that you’re a gifted storyteller. They hope you will call me. Will you use your talent to celebrate one of your favorite books?

Here are a few choice examples. I’ve heard from a star crossed lover reflecting on his first heartbreak, a nature enthusiast who takes singing to your plants to a whole new level and a traveler with an unexpected exchange with a stranger.

To get involved, call me at the number below and leave a message about a book you love and a story you’ve lived. If you’ve enjoyed this experience, I hope you’ll pass your card on to a brilliant storyteller in your life.

Call Me,

774.325.0503 (or on Skype)